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When Ras Tafari Makonnen, the last emperor of Ethiopia, known as Haile Selassie, visited Jamaica on 1966, more 100,000 Rastafarians gathered around to see the man who they believed is the Messiah. For a brief moment, the two countries came together. Eighteen years later, in 1984, Ethiopian Jews, members of the lost tribe of Israel, crossed the desert towards their homeland. And now those three cultures – Jamaica, Ethiopia and Israel – merge together in a new album called Anbessa Dub.
The album features roots reggae music, sang in Amharic, which produced new sound that connects between the classic Ethiopian soul of the early 70s׳ and roots reggae.
The Tel-Aviv based band Zvuloon Dub System along with Gili Yalo’s (vocalist) soulful voice makes it sound as it was released in the classic Ethiopiques series. The music flows perfectly between Africa and the Caribbean with the use of instruments like Krar (an Ethiopian lute) and a Maskino (one-string violin).
The success of Anbessa Dub send the band to a tour in North America that ended in historic show in Reggae Sumfest festival in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
In Anbessa Dub (Anbessa means lion in Amharic) the three lions roar out of the music and together they make the sweetest sound.

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